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Keep yourselves aware about the definitions under Article 71 under Chapter 58

Check out all definitions that apply under Article 71.

An accommodation bondsman is an individual who doesn't take fees or any consideration for action as surety and who endorses the bail bond after giving satisfactory evidences of ownership, value, and marketability of real or personal property.

A bail bondsman can be a surety bondsman, professional bondsman or an accommodation bondsman.

A  commissioner is The North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance.

A licensee is a person who has been licensed as a bail bondsman or runner under Article 71 and who has held the license for a period of less than 12 months.

An insurer is a domestic, foreign, or alien surety company which has qualified generally to transact surety business and particularly to transact bail bond business in this State.

An obligor is a principal or a surety on a bail bond.

A principal defendant or witness who is required to appear in court as required upon penalty of forfeiting bail under a bail bond or a person obligated to return a motor vehicle subject to forfeiture in accordance with G.S. 20 28.3(e).


Get a complete understanding about the norms of bail bonding with the help of Chapter 58.

A professional bondsman is an individual who is licensed and approved by the Commissioner and who promises approved securities or cash with the Commissioner as security for bail bonds