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In Jail? Need Bail?


Get hold of those who have jumped the bond with our support!

Are you a bail bondsman looking for a bond skip? Our Bradshaw's Skip Tracing Team excels in tracing those who don't want to be traced. You can approach us if you're a General Agent or Surety Company suffering from liability due to a bondsman who failed to work well.

With a track record of 30 years in arresting fugitives, we've traveled across 27 different states throughout the United States getting fugitives back to justice.


Why choose us?

We have good knowledge about bail bonding laws of different states.

We have had contracts with bondsmen, citizens, and general agents.

All members of our Fugitive Recovery Team have surety bonding license and are CCW permit holders.

We have prior law enforcement and training.

Get in touch with us now! 704-633-1118  


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Legal Disclaimer

  • To help you with your bond skips, we need a letter of request from your Surety Company.

  • Your cases will be taken on an individual basis and we have the right to withdraw from serving you.

  • We need contracts and they must be signed before we start with initial work.