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In Jail? Need Bail?


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Q. If I am the indemnitor on a person's bond and they miss court, can I arrest them and bring them to the jail?


A. No. Only a licensed bondsman or law enforcement officer can arrest a defendant who has missed court.

Q. If I co-sign on a person's bond, how long am I liable for that bond?


A. Until that person's case has been disposed of.


Q. If I put my property up on a friend's bond and they miss court, can I hire a bail bondsman to help me have the friend arrested?


A. Yes.  G.S. 15A-540: (d)  A surety, may utilize the services and assistance of any surety bondsman, professional bondsman, or runner licensed under G.S. 58-71-40 to effect the arrest or surrender of a defendant under subsection (a) or (b) of this section.


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Q. Once the defendant is finished with his/her court dates, do I get my money back I paid the bondsman for the bond fee?

A. No. The bond fee is how the bondsman makes his living.