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In Jail? Need Bail?


Here are some tips for you before you choose your bail bondsman

We, at Bradshaw's Bail Bonding, would like to warn you against bail bonding companies that get innocent people into trouble. Read a few of our tips to be careful.

  • If you're taking financing, you must understand all the terms of the financing agreement and also get your agreement in writing. You CANNOT be charged for interest by any bail bonding company when you're financing your bond.

  • Your bail bondsman or company should be there for you after the bail bond has been posted. All professional bail bondsmen will be ready to take questions throughout the process.

  • Be careful of bonding companies that quote one price on the phone and another price when you meet them at their office. When we quote our fee, we always stick to it!


Get help from your bail bonding experts!

  • Remember to deal only with a North Carolina licensed bail bondsman. Check for the bondsman's license and identification before any bail transactions.

  • You can be charged a bond fee only up to 15% of the total bond amount.

  • You must take itemized receipts for all monies you pay to the bail bondsman and this includes receipts for a collateral given as security on the bond.

  • Take copies of all signed contracts and agreements.