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In Jail? Need Bail?


What sets apart East Coast Sureties from other General Agents?

East Coast Sureties Inc. was established in 2005 by four bail bondsmen, Steve and Linda Shell along with Phillip and Virginia Bradshaw. They have a track record of over 75 years in the bail bonding industry. They say that they became General Agents as they could relate to bail bonding as they were bail bondsmen.

We can relate to daily experiences that a bondsman faces. We give personalized attention to each client. We're located in North Carolina and work with bondsmen only from North Carolina. Since we're located in the neighborhood, you'll get speedy and accurate services from us.

We're not the formal suit and tie wearers. We write bail and trace skips in our retail bonding offices. If one of our clients needs help with finding a skip, we start working on our mission right away. We're not scared of the consequences. We personally don't like the idea of having several agents in a single area. We enter into contracts only with agents who are licensed and already established. We generally don't require a time-based contract. 704-633-1118  


When in doubt, call the experienced General Agents for bail bonding

President Steve Shell -

Licensed since 1979

VP Phillip Bradshaw  -

Licensed since 1995

Treasurer Linda Shell -

Licensed since 1977

Secretary Virginia Bradshaw -

Licensed since 1994